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Secondary blog

Four ways to boost your teen's happiness

Penny Alexander is the author of Be Happy Be You.

Thoughts on parenting as the new academic year begins

Clarissa Farr is the author of The Making of Her: Why School Matters.

Juggling your workload with your children's “work-load"

Annie Ridout is the author of The Freelance Mum, writes about juggling work-loads.

Supporting transition from KS3 to GCSE

KS3 has been about adapting to a new school; increased and varied subjects, new friends, extra school activities, increasing independence and hormonal changes.

Homework help at secondary school

Once your child is at secondary school you will know far less about what homework they have and you will have less control over what they homework they do. There is still a lot you can do to support them. Here are some suggestions.

Revision tips

Author, Lee Jackson, shares a few of his insights into how you can best support your child throughout their GCSE revision and during their exams.

Support at A Level

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when trying to support your 16+ learner is their age.

Mock exam revision

Mock exams often take place in December or January for Year11 students. They are important for a number of reasons.

Dealing with exam stress

Exams can seem stressful no matter what our age but for our 14-16 year olds, this is also a brand new experience and their results really do have an impact on their future. How can we help them through this time and make it as painless as possible?