Why should children start learning about mental health so young?

Why should children start learning about mental health so young?


Written by children’s therapist and wellbeing author Becky Goddard-Hill

Learning about great mental health strategies is best done as early as possible so children can meet life challenges as they arise and learn how they can talk more easily and openly about their feelings.  

But talking about mental health and the importance of wellbeing with your children doesn’t have to be a heavy or difficult topic; it can be fun and light and still really powerful.  

'Teaching children positive mental health strategies is a gift they will be able to use and value throughout their life'.

My brand-new book, How I Feel, is packed full of 40 wellbeing activities to help you and your children explore mental health in a fun, accessible way. The range of activities allow your kids to talk more easily about their feelings and make social emotional learning enjoyable, which is important for engagement and learning.  

Written in a clear and accessible format with beautiful illustrations, it will also help your kids to be kinder, happier, calmer, and braver and helps build up their self-belief and resilience too.  

How I Feel will help kids in the following aspects: 

  • Self-Regulation: It will support children in managing their big emotions and impulses, especially in stressful or challenging situations. 
  • Healthy mindset: It will encourage kids to adopt a growth mindset and a ‘can do’ attitude which helps with positive thinking and overcoming obstacles. 
  • Social skills: It will guide children to communicating effectively and nourish and enjoy their relationships with others. 

And here is a selection of just a few of the activities, makes and games you can find inside: 

  • Animal Charades: Kids act out various charades depicting a variety of animals with different feelings such as a grumpy giraffe or a happy hippo. 
  • Origami Fox: A simple craft that kids can later gift to a friend. 
  • Making a Confidence Rocket: A fun art exercise that embeds self.  
  • Yoga: Yoga exercises to help children relax and release tension. 
  • Feelings Journal: A diary activity to help children see how feelings come and go.  
  • The Feelings Game: An enjoyable game to help kids name their emotions. 

Teaching children positive mental health strategies is a gift they will be able to use and value throughout their life.  


How I Feel is out now and available in all good bookshops.  

You can find Becky blogging & podcasting about emotional health at Emotionally Healthy Kids.