Primary Maths for Scotland

Primary Maths for Scotland is a maths mastery scheme written by an expert team of Scottish authors to raise attainment in Scotland. Find out more about each author below

Craig Lowther
  • Programme and Development Manager for Education at The University of the Highlands and Islands and formerly Learning and Teaching Officer for Numeracy and Mathematics for Moray Council.
Carol Lyon
  • Angus maths lead and incoming chair of the Scottish Mathematical Council.
Kirsten Mackay
  • Principal Teacher at Smithton Primary School.
Felicity Martin
  • Head Teacher of Stockbridge Primary School, formerly Education Support Officer for numeracy at Aberdeen City Council.
  • “My favourite thing about being a teacher is the relationships. When children trust you, you get so much back. I also love trying to get the best out of people, so the move into Senior Leadership has really suited me, as I get to build relationships with people of all ages.”
Scott Morrow
  • PT Maths for a cluster of primary schools, formerly the lead for Glasgow City Council’s Glasgow Counts initiative and co-author of the Numeracy Progression Framework..
  • “All children can achieve at maths and, if we teach for understanding rather than memory, we can provide them with essential numeracy skills for life.”
Antoinette Irwin
  • Acting Depute of St. Bernadette’s Primary School, Falkirk.
  • “Quite often pupils have a negative attitude towards maths and it is this, not their ability, that holds them back. I worked with a P5 pupil recently who always approached every maths task with an “I can’t do this” mentality. We changed her mantra to “I can’t do this yet” which enabled her to complete the question and achieve success.”