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11+, 13+ and Pre-test assessments

This new series by Letts focuses on three key examinations used by the many independent schools across the country.

The Pre-test is a first stage assessment that is used by an increasing number of schools for entry into Years 7 and 9. Children usually take the exam in Year 6. The most popular form of the Pre-test is taken online and is called the ISEB Common Pre-test.  It covers four subjects in a multiple-choice format: Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The Letts Pre-test books are designed to help children prepare for the Maths and English sections of the Pre-test. 

Letts Pre-test English comprehensively covers the four types of questions that are assessed: comprehension, spelling, punctuation and cloze. Each question type is addressed individually through a series of skill-specific tests. These are followed by a series of full-length (25 minutes) multiple-choice practice tests. Answers and explanations are provided for every question. 

Letts Pre-test Maths covers the full syllabus through a series of multiple-choice tests of increasing length, culminating in a full-length practice test (50 minutes). A wide variety of questions are presented, including plenty of challenging problems that are designed to develop your child’s mathematical ability and confidence. All questions are in multiple-choice format and answers and explanations are provided for every question.

The later sections of many schools’ 11+ and 13+ Maths exams, tend to focus on problem solving.  Letts 11+ Problem Solving and 13+ Problem Solving, are specifically designed to help your child prepare for this section of the assessment.

Problem solving often involves working through multiple-steps to arrive at the answer. Such problems require students to be analytical and systematic, so that they can identify the key pieces of information to help them solve the question. 

These new books identify the most common types of problems that appear in the 11+ and 13+ exams and provide a framework to help children prepare for them.

Each problem is presented with a clear, step-by-step solution so your child can see exactly how it is broken down and addressed. This is then followed by a series of practice questions for your child to try on their own.  Throughout the book, top tips and advice are provided to help your child work accurately and efficiently.  Solutions and explanations are provided for every question. 

The comprehension section of the 11+ and 13+ exams often includes a piece of poetry that your child may be required to analyse.  Many children find poems difficult to engage with. Letts has produced two unique guides to build confidence when dealing with poems: 11+ Poetry and 13+ Poetry.

These two books will provide your child with the framework and tools to analyse poems in an insightful and effective manner, within the specific context of a timed examination.  They are packed with useful advice, tips and suggestions, as well as plenty of exercises and tasks for your child to practise.

A wide selection of poems, question types and literary techniques are included, providing a solid foundation for analysis. Emphasis is placed on giving students the confidence to interpret poems for themselves, so they are able to provide a personal and unique response to an unseen text when required. A challenge question is given at the end of each section to stretch enquiring minds and to provide an opportunity to practise writing higher-level responses. Overall, these guides aim to de-mystify poetry for young readers.

These books have been written for Letts by Faisal Nasim and Louise Lang, who run Exam Papers Plus (www.exampapersplus.co.uk) and Pretest Plus (http://www.pretestplus.co.uk).  Find out more about Letts Independent School Exam books at lettsrevision.co.uk