The HarperCollins Reading for Pleasure Awards, in partnership with The Open University and UK Literacy Association  

    Every year, HarperCollins, in collaboration with The Open University and the UK Literary Association, recognise and celebrate the amazing teachers, schools and educators who are successfully promoting children’s reading for pleasure.  

    We love reading your submissions of research-informed case studies on how children have been encouraged to read for pleasure. Enter to be in with a chance of winning a certificate and trophy, and lots of free books for your classroom! 

    The winners of the 2024 awards will be announced at the OU/UKLA Reading for Pleasure Conference on Saturday 15th June 2024 in Milton Keynes. 

    Read more about how to get involved and details of the 2024 awards below!  

    HarperCollins collaborates with the Open University and the UK Literacy Association, who work together to research the impact of teachers who are passionate about reading, and explore ways to build reading communities. Both organisations are keen to profile and develop research-informed professional practice. 

    'Reading for pleasure changes children's lives; it makes them happier, healthier and more empathetic. If we really value the futures of the children we work with, we need to prioritise it above almost everything else.'

    Jon Biddle, Moorlands C of E Primary Academy