7 books about protecting the environment

7 books about protecting the environment


Books can be a wonderful way of introducing and discussing difficult real-life topics with young people, and few issues are as pressing as the colossal climate crisis now faced by our planet.

From recycling to rewilding, we’ve picked out some of our favourite eco-fiction exploring our natural world and how we can protect it, just in time for World Environment Day on June 5th. Find out more about the day and how you can get involved here.

All our books have a dyslexia-friendly layout, typeface and paperstock so that even more readers can enjoy them, as well as a chapter sample available by following the link for each book.


Calling the Whales by Jasbinder Bilan, illustrated by Skylar White

For ages 9+ with a reading age of 8 / OCEANS, CONSERVATION, COURAGE

When Tulsi and her best friend Satchen spot something unusual in the sea near their home in Scotland, they decide to investigate. But little do they know how much danger they are putting themselves in.

After rowing out to a nearby island, they become involved in a risky rescue mission and their boat capsizes in a storm.

But just as they think all is lost, help arrives from an unexpected source …



Into the Bin by Anne Fine, illustrated by Vicki Gausden

For ages 7+ with a reading age of 7 / SCHOOL, RECYCLING, REUSE

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is “solutions to plastic pollution,” making this fun and quirky tale about the wonders of recycling particularly topical!

Mr Frost’s classroom is always in a mess, and now his class are on a mission to send all the things they don’t need off to a charity shop – including the rubbish bin that falls over at the slightest touch! From books to old toys, they bring in all sorts of items to send away in the bin, but little do they know that what one person doesn’t want might be just the thing someone else has been looking for.



Song of the River

Song of the River by Gill Lewis, illustrated by Zanna Goldhawk

For ages 9+ with a reading age of 8 / FLOODING, REWILDING, GRIEF

Times are tough for Cari and her mum. A violent storm has flooded the valley where they live, destroying their home and café business. Things seem bleak – but hope appears in the form of a plan to reintroduce beavers into the area, as the changes that these amazing animals make to the waterways might prevent another flood.

Cari knows that she has to get involved. But with the project facing resistance from locals, can she convince them to give the beavers a chance – and will it be enough to save her home from being destroyed for a second time?


Discover more of Gill’s environment fiction in Swan SongRun Wild and Eagle Warrior.


The Invasion of Crooked Oak

The Invasion of Crooked Oak by Dan Smith, illustrated by Chris King

For ages 9+ with a reading age of 8 / MYSTERY, CREEPY, SCI-FI

Ever since the fracking site closed, Nancy’s parents have been acting weird. Their eyes are blank, they won’t eat – it’s like they’re no longer themselves. And now the symptoms are affecting others as well … Nancy and her friends Pete and Krish are determined to find out what’s going on. But the deeper they dig, the scarier the mystery gets.

A dark presence is spreading its tendrils across Crooked Oak. Can they stop it before it takes over the whole town?


Continue the gang’s adventures in The Beast of Harwood Forest, The Horror of Dunwick Farm and The Terror of Hilltop House.


Welcome to Trashland

Welcome to Trashland by Steve Cole, illustrated by Oriol Vidal

For ages 11+ with a reading age of 8 / RECYCLING, POVERTY, PERIL

Theo lives in a vast dumping ground for broken electronics in Ghana. He searches the trash for metal scraps to sell for cash, and dreams of going to school and escaping this harsh life.

So when Emmanuel turns up with talk of buried treasure, Theo sees a chance to get out of Trashland. But Emmanuel draws the attention of a local gang, and Theo realises his new friend is keeping dangerous secrets …


Discover more of Steve’s environment fiction in Stitched UpTin Boy and World Burn Down.


Wrath by Marcus Sedgwick

For ages 11+ with a reading age of 8 / ENVIRONMENT, ANGST, QUEST

Cassie Cotton has always been unusual, a bit different – but this only makes her more intriguing to her school friend Fitz.

Cassie can hear a noise that no one else can, and she believes it’s a sound that shows the Earth is in distress, damaged by human activity that is causing climate change.

When this belief leads to her being ridiculed and bullied at school, Cassie disappears. Fitz is determined to find her, but he has no idea where to start looking, or if he’ll be in time to help her …



The Deep-Sea Duke

The Deep-Sea Duke by Lauren James

For ages 11+ with a reading age of 8 / SCI-FI, CLIMATE, RELATIONSHIPS

When Hugo and Ada travel to their friend Dorian’s planet for the holidays, Hugo is anxious about being accepted by Dorian’s powerful family.

But when they arrive on Hydrox, there are more pressing things to worry about, as the planet has become a temporary home for refugee butterflies displaced from their home by climate change.

Meanwhile, beneath the seas, a strange creature is wreaking all kinds of havoc … Can Hugo, Dorian and Ada step in before the crisis gets out of control?


Follow more of Hugo, Dorian and Ada’s story in The Starlight Watchmaker