Letts 11+ Success - 11+ Arithmetic Results Booster for the CEM tests : Targeted Practice Workbook

Author: Letts 11+
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 09-02-2018
ISBN: 978-1-84419-921-1
Pages: 80

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Exam Board: CEM
Level & Subject: 11+ Arithmetic
Suitable for the 2020 tests

Boost your child’s CEM 11+ test performance using Letts 11+ Results Boosters! In this Targeted Practice Workbook for 11 Plus Arithmetic, children can practise answering challenging arithmetic questions under timed conditions, just like the real CEM test. 30 realistic practice tests help build children’s skills and confidence in the areas of the 11 Plus test they find most difficult. A complete set of answers is included, along with a score sheet, so that you can check children’s progress as they practise. With top tips and guidance for parents, your child will be prepared to do their very best on the 2019 CEM 11 Plus tests with this Letts 11+ Arithmetic Results Booster. For more targeted practice in other areas of the CEM 11+ test, there is a Letts Results Booster for Problem Solving (9781844199228), Vocabulary (9781844198993), Cloze (9781844199006), Comprehension (9781844199013) and the Complete Results Booster (9781844198443).

  • “This book is brilliant for helping my son to learn more. He loves doing tests and in this book you can time them and see how well they do. Really like this book.” – Toppsta Review
  • “A great Maths booster. This book is filled with timed tests to practice for 11+ exams. The instructions for parents are great and the tests are challenging enough to push your child to an extra level without scaring them. A great added help for those who want to aid their child’s education and exam results.” – Toppsta Review