Get Set! Piano - Get Set! Piano Tutor Book 1

Author: Heather Hammond and Karen Marshall
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 09-05-2013
ISBN: 978-1-4081-7946-8
Pages: 48

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Get Set! Piano Tutor Book 1 is an exciting new course by Heather Hammond and Karen Marshall, written specially for the twenty-first century child.

The tried and tested progression guides beginners from their very first lesson through to Prep test level. Note learning is taught alongside aural, theory and composing skills, providing a holistic approach to music with plenty of fun activities.

Packed with favourites such as Jelly on a plate, Animal fair, Jingle bells, engaging new tunes and teacher duet parts, Get Set! Piano Tutor inspires, entertains and builds confidence from the start.

Get Set! Piano Tutor Book 1 is fully compatible with Get Set! Piano Pieces Book 1, which provides lots of material for reinforcement, or just pure musical enjoyment!

  • With lively…illustrations, this new piano tutor is refreshingly full of lovely exercises, puzzles and things to do…The modern child will readily take to the sheer variety of approach here.
  • ”…it is clear that I am excited by 'Get Set! Piano”and plan to use it with all younger beginners who come to me from now on. This of course means that in a year or so I should hopefully be able to come back with a follow-up article, and let you all know how it goes! Hopefully my enthusiasm will be undiminished of course!
  • ”ut don’t wait - go ahead and order up a set of these tremendous books, and check out all the great resources on the 'Get Set! Piano”website - you really won’t regret it!'Andrew Eales - Pianodao