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Ukulele Magic - Ukulele Magic : Teacher's Book

Author: Ian Lawrence, Prepared for publication by Collins Music
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 13-09-2012
ISBN: 978-1-4081-5729-9
Pages: 32

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Start your musical journey on the ukulele with Ukulele Magic Tutor Book 1 – the fun and approachable method that children and teachers love. Whether you’re in the classroom, at home or playing with friends, this accessible tutor offers the great tunes, clear guidance and all the resources you need to start making Ukulele Magic!

• 25 pieces carefully progress from playing open strings (eg Stringalong Rag) to songs with one chord (Shortnin bread, A minor miracle, F major march) to two chords (Baboushka, Tab tango, Calypso strum) and finally three chords (In South Africa, Playing the blues).
• Finger-picking and strumming styles are all introduced step by step in pieces which are fun and stylistic.
• This teacher's edition, BOOK+CD-ROM, contains a whiteboard e-book with embedded audio and video tutorials for every song, making it ideal for classroom teaching.

  • This is a tutor book that will teach you how to play the ukulele in all itsforms - introducing you to more than just strumming three chords. Mostukulele books have a selection of songs with chords. This is fine if that'sall you want to do. However, there reaches a stage when you want more thanjust chords and this book will fill in the gaps and launch you into a seriesof well structured 'lessons' that introduce you to finger picking, tab andallowing you to improvise in a range of styles. This book does not launchstraight into chords as most ukulele books do but gently eases you intoplaying single notes with advice for dampening the strings - technicaladvice etc. I like it!,Ukulele Magic is the book we've been waiting for to help us deliver whole-class ukulele tuition in Lewisham schools. The pace is right, the video clips are extremely helpful, the design is clear and the music is catchy and written in an interesting variety of styles.,I'm very impressed with it, as are the children and teachers I'm working with. It makes a massive difference to have such a rich, well-presented resource as the e-book version, which I use in every lesson. It's been a massive help to have a book targeted at wider opps teaching and has definitely improved my ukulele delivery.,I use it for my small groups. Other teachers in Lewisham use it for wider opps. Everyone I have spoken to about it loves it.