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Music Express Extra - Developing Music Skills : Musical confidence for beginners - activities for teaching general musicianship

Author: Stephen Chadwick and Maureen Hanke
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 18-12-2007
ISBN: 978-0-7136-8574-9
Pages: 64

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Irresistibly upbeat grooves, riffs and styles to wake up and shake up the musician in everyone.

A complete resource for developing general musicianship skills and musical confidence right from the start. Perfect for Wider Opportunities schemes, this is also ideal for classroom teachers already using the Music Express scheme.

The pack (book + 2xCD/CD-ROM) contains activities for building skill and confidence in using beat, rhythm and pitch. 36 specially composed listening tracks engage young learners in moving, co-ordinating and responding musically. 8 celebration tracks give opportunities for bringing together newly established skills in performance.

Suitable for use from age 8 upwards, the pack offers ways of extending music skills with older or more able students.

Music notation is introduced gradually on the foundation of aural learning though no music reading is required to deliver the activities, which are user-friendly for both specialist and generalist teachers.