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Collins Musicals - Collins Musicals – Roald Dahl's Goldilocks and the Three Bears: An impeccably judged musical

Author: Roald Dahl, Stephen Chadwick, Helen MacGregor and Kurt Schwertsik, Illustrated by Quentin Blake and Jane Eccles, Edited by Janice Baiton and Michelle Daley
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 02-04-2005
ISBN: 978-0-7136-7085-1
Pages: 56

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Roald Dahl's Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a Roald Dahl musical for schools, joins the famously infamous Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs and the very smelly but loveable Jack and the Beanstalk plus many more in a glittering line up of wickedly funny productions which children and audiences just love.

On trial for her crimes, Goldilocks looks like the sweet little innocent who'd give us her last sweetie. Could she really be the brazen crook who stole the porridge from under the snouts of the self-respecting, harmless Bears? The Jury will decide (but who will have the last laugh?). Let the trial commence!

As with every one of these great Roald Dahl musicals, Goldilocks is based on an orchestral commission by the Roald Dahl Foundation. The concert work, from which the schools' musical is derived is by Kurt Schwertsik, and schools can use the extracts provided from the orchestral work to enhance their performances.

To present a public performance of this musical you will need a performance licence. Simply email education@harpercollins.co.uk or phone 01484 668 148 and request a Performance Licence Application Form.