Songbooks - The Singing Sack (Book + CD)

Author: Helen East, Illustrated by Mary Currie, Edited by Sheena Roberts
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 31-08-2000
ISBN: 978-0-7136-5805-7
Pages: 80

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28 song-stories from around the world - perfect for storytellingsessions in schools, libraries and at home. Includes a CD making thewealth of diverse sounds accessible to all.

Song-stories are as old and as universal as storytelling itself. Each of the 28 song-stories in this collection contains a simple song, which helps the narrative unfold and invites instant participation, whether at school or at home. The collection includes song-stories from all corners of the world, eg Annancy, Puss and Ratta from Jamaica, Spider the Drummer from Sierra Leone and The Raja's Secret from Gujarat. The CD contains performances of all the songs.