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Busy Ant Maths - Assessment Guide 3

Peter Clarke, Illustrated by Steve Evans, Eva Sassin, Gwyneth Williamson and Louise Forshaw

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The Busy Ant Maths programme has assessment at the heart and from the start, embedding best practice across the school.
Using the assessment tool on Collins Connect together with this guide offers you a simple and robust way of assessing and capturing progress and communicating it effectively to pupils,...Read more

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I received some sample Busy Ant materials and was very impressed, yet again the resources were of high quality and supports children’s understanding in an engaging way. The resources matched the national curriculum really well and have clear progression across units of work. The lessons have opportunities to be differentiated in 5 ways and the units are flexible and give teachers the opportunities to be creative. I am extremely impressed with the online planning tool and am really looking forward to implementing this scheme of work across years 3 and 4 and then into years 1 and 5 next year.Charlotte AngeliSenior Leader Chigwell Primary
This is a scheme of work that makes sense, gives pupils a consistently structured yet fun approach and will enable teachers to deliver an exciting and inspiring new curriculum from September 2014.Teach Primary magazine