CfE Maths for Scotland - Third Level Maths Student Book : Benchmark Edition

Author: Leckie
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01-06-2020
ISBN: 978-0-00-840776-6
Pages: 128

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Exam Board: SQA
Level: Third Level
Subject: Maths
First Teaching: 2015, First Exam: 2016

The CfE Maths Third Level Pupil Book is packed with questions and activities to improve performance across all of the Outcomes and Experiences at Third Level.

• graded questions to enable students to work at their own pace
• key questions to assess whether students have a secure grasp of each learning outcome
• self-assessment checklists at the end of each chapter
• allows a flexible, personalised approach to lesson planning
• supports the development of problem-solving abilities
• builds confidence in applying maths to everyday life.