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Collins GCSE Grade 9-1 Revision - You can’t revise for GCSE 9-1 English! Yes you can, and Mark Roberts shows you how : For the 2020 Autumn & 2021 Summer Exams

Author: Mark Roberts and Collins GCSE
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 25-06-2020
ISBN: 978-0-00-839280-2
Pages: 104

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· Discover how to banish ineffective revision and use study skills that will help you to do brilliantly in your exams

· Understand what really successful students do to help them towards top grades in GCSE English

· Implement practice methods that actually improve your memory

Read this book to find out more!

Chapter 1. Effective revision for English examsChapter 2. Organising your notes and annotationsChapter 3. Memorising quotesChapter 4. Exploding your quotesChapter 5. Building up a bank of ‘killer quotes’Chapter 6. Using context successfullyChapter 7, Improving practice essaysChapter 8. Getting ready for the unseen textsChapter 9. Preparing for the creative writing questionsChapter 10. Taking care of yourself and coping with exams

  • Highly recommended study guide - School Reading List:
  • ”'A detailed, structured, and very practical method for tackling GCSE revision - both in the long term from the start of year 9 or 10, and once the final summer term begins in year 11. It doesn’t just tackle the curriculum content - there are sections on study skills organisation, how to memorise quotes, and how to cope with stress. The clear and varied layout, featuring easy to read text, tables, diagrams, bullet points, and endless exam-based examples makes this book a winner. Ideal for pupils who find it difficult to motivate themselves for revision”.