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Lab Skills for SQA Assessment - Lab Skills for SQA Assessment – National 5 Physics Lab Skills for the revised exams of 2018 and beyond: Learn the Skills of Scientific Inquiry: First edition

Author: Michael Murray and Leckie
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 24-01-2019
ISBN: 978-0-00-832965-5
Pages: 48

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Exam Board: SQA
Level: National 5
Subject: Physics
First Teaching: 2017, First Exam: 2018

•Covers all required techniques and apparatus
•Provides practice in all skills of scientific inquiry
•Supports Assignment work

National 5 Physics Lab Skills is designed to support you when undertaking the practical work required for your SQA exam and assignment.
It includes eight experiments covering the required skills of scientific inquiry and will:
·guide you through the experiments with clear aims, methods, apparatus lists and safety tips
·connect each experiment to your course with underlying physics and learning outcomes
·provide one place to record your results with write-in spaces
·help you revise for your exams with check your understanding and exam-style questions.
·include precautions to help you ensure your results are accurate, valid and reliable.
·provide assignment advice with each experiment to help you develop your own research
·allow you to check your answers at the back of the book