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Lower Secondary Spanish for the Caribbean - Lower Secondary Spanish for the Caribbean – A Explorar: Workbook Level 1

Author: Diana Carolina Neva Prieto
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 25-09-2019
ISBN: 978-0-00-830148-4
Pages: 96

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¡A explorar! is a 3-level Spanish course designed to meet the requirements of secondary school curriculums throughout the Caribbean. The Workbooks are designed to complement the Student’s Books by providing additional material for practice and reinforcement.

Following the structure of the Student’s Book, the Workbook gives students the opportunity to practise the grammar and vocabulary of each topic-based units, as well as reading, writing and speaking skills. Each unit comprises a variety of exercises carefully designed to consolidate and reinforce language. The Workbook can be used in class or at home, and activities are equally suited to extension work in class or as exercises set for homework.

The units include a range of activity types, including multiple choice questions to help prepare students for the types of questions they may later encounter in exams. Cross-references to the Grammar section of the Student’s Book are provided where appropriate so that students can refer to this for support and revision.

As well as following the unit structure of the Student’s Book, the Workbook also includes two test sections – one for mid-year and one for an end-of-year test – which can be used for exam practice.

The course uses Latin American Spanish vocabulary throughout, and informative notes in the about variants found within Latin America and the Caribbean are included in the Teacher’s Guides.