Snap Science - Snap Science – Snap Science Assessment Years 1 - 6: Downloadable edition

Author: Nicola Beverley, Liz Lawrence, Bryony Turford and Jane Turner, Series edited by Jane Turner
Format: Digital download
Publication Date: 29-04-2016
ISBN: 978-0-00-819933-3

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The Snap Science Snapshots are short assessment activities that a teacher or other adult can use with a child or small group of children to check understanding of National Curriculum Programme of Study for Science concept statements. This pack contains all Snapshots for Years 1 – 6 and is suitable for use as a whole school assessment solution.

Each Snapshot has four elements:
1. The activity resources (images, cards, etc. that adults will need to prepare)
2. Instruction for the adult leading the activity
3. Questions for adults to use to check and probe understanding
4. Guidance for adults to assess that a child has achieved the Programme of Study statement

Please note: this is a digital download and the file is very large (94 MB).