Treasure House - Teacher Guide Year 6

Format: Spiral Bound
Publication Date: 01-09-2015
ISBN: 978-0-00-813355-9
Pages: 200

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Teacher's Guide 6 provides a complete English programme for Year 6 with 15 teaching sequences focused on different genres of text such as traditional stories, email and free verse. Each sequence also weaves together key dimensions of the National Curriculum for English – Comprehension, Spelling, Composition and Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation.

Each sequence in follows the same four phases:• 'Enjoy and immerse' engages children with the source text through discussion and comprehension• 'Capture and organise' uses discussion, drama and writing to help pupils analyse the text in more detail• 'Collaborative composition' offers group and class work to explore the process of writing• 'Independent writing' provides opportunities for pupils to write texts independentlyThe Teacher's Guides with the Anthologies, Pupil Books and interactive activities on Collins Connect offer an integrated approach to teaching the National Curriculum for English. This programme provides 30 weeks of teaching inspiration.

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