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New Maths Frameworking - Year 8 Teacher’s Guide Book 3 (Levels 6–7)

Kevin Evans, Keith Gordon, Trevor Senior and Brian Speed

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Year 8 Teacher's Pack 3 contains everything you need to deliver effective lessons with confidence for students working at Levels 6-7. All the lesson plans and resources support the new Framework.

Year 8 Teacher's Pack 3 offers:
• A Framework Objectives Matching Chart to display at-a-glance where each strand...Read more

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Praise for Maths Frameworking:
”'Takes the pressure off planning- which is superb”Nigel Wills, Head of Maths at Fort Hill School
‘…even at this early stage (only a week in) I have been really impressed with the scheme so far. Our NQTs love the lesson plans and say they really help with ideas and with them finding out what sort of level to teach a topic.
The lower set pupils love the workbooks, and they have been a great motivator. The books are clear and easy to read and are excellent practise for filling in SATs papers. Our only problem is that we struggle to get them to stop working and move on to their next lesson!
We had a very heated discussion with one Year 9 boy who was insisting that he took his book home to carry on, and was very angry when we said he couldn’t take it home! These pupils who are usually fairly unmotivated are working through at a real pace.’
Cass Jackson, Barr Beacon Language College