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Collins Big Cat Sets - Phonics Practice Set

Author: Prepared for publication by Collins Big Cat
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 16-09-2013
ISBN: 978-0-00-793803-2
Pages: 1152

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Collins Big Cat Phonics Practice supports early readers in practising and applying their decoding skills through highly decodable fiction and non-fiction books.

The Phonics Practice Set contains 1 copy of every Phonics Practice book from Band 1A/Pink A to Band 4/Blue.

The Phonics Practice Set is aimed at pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1 and contains the following 72 books:

Nip! Nip!
Pam Naps
In a Pit
Dip in!
Rat Naps
No, Sid, No!
Sam and the Nut
Get up, Tom!
Muck It Up!
Panda’s Band
Ant and Snail
Pat the Rat
Cat and Dog in a Mess
Top Dog
Puff the Pup
The Mouse and the Monster
Goat’s Coat
Bot on the Moon
This Is Me and This Is Pip
We Are Not Fond of Rat!
Rat’s Wishing Hat
Max Can Do It!
Diggety Dog
I Spy Fly
Horse Up a Tree
Feeling Things
Bart the Shark
Zog and Zebra
The Singing Beetle
The Small Bun
The Hat Maker and the Chimps
Mole and the New Hole
A Day Out
Hansel and Gretel
Bert the Ugly Bug
Catching the Moon

Pit Pat! Tip Tap!
Dip It! Tap It!
Sip It, Dip It, Tap It
Sit in It
Pips in Pots
Got It!
In the Net!
I Can, Kim Can
Pet Cat, Big Cat
Chick to Hen
Run, Jump, Hop
The Big Red Bus
Pet Dog
Get Fit
Pond Food
Thick and Thin
Wet, Wet, Wet
Pond Dipping
Boom, Boom
I Found a Sound
Real Monsters
Frog or Toad?
Rock Out!
Hand Play
The Sun and the Moon
Sheep to Jumper
Peas, Please!
From Cow to Carton
How to Grow a Beanstalk
Buzzy Bee
The Rainforest at Night
Your Nose