Collins Big Cat Sets - Complete Phonics Starter Set

Author: Prepared for publication by Collins Big Cat
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 16-09-2013
ISBN: 978-0-00-793803-2
Pages: 1152

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The ideal way to try Collins Big Cat, to plug gaps and to refresh your reading resources at unbeatable prices. Starter sets contain a complete list of titles from each band with a 20% discount on the normal price.

The Complete Phonics Starter Set contains the following titles:

Nip NipIn a PitPit Pat! Tip Tap!Sip it, Dip It Tap ItPam NapsDip it! Tap It!Sam and the NutPips in PotsNo, Sid, No!Got it!In the NetMuck it UpAnt and SnailCat and Dog in a MessPet Cat, Big CatRun, Jump, HopPuff the PupPanda’s BandGet FitChick to HenThe Big Red BusThe Mouse and the MonsterBot on the MoonWe are not found of RatFeelingsThick and ThinPond DippingDiggety DogHorse up a TreeMax Can Do It!Goat´s CoatI Found a SoundPond FoodThe Singing BeetleI Spy FlyPeas, please!Frog or Toad?Bart the SharkReal MonstersRock OutThe Sun and the MoonThe Small BunMole and the New HoleHansel and GretelBirdsCatching the MoonThe Hat Maker and the ChimpsGorillasFrom Cow to CartonHow to Grow a BeanstalkThe Rainforest at NightDip inSit in itRat NapsGet up, Tom!I Can, Kim CanPat the RatTop DogNestsPet DogThis Is Me and This Is PipRat’s Wishing HatWet, Wet, WetBoom! Boom!Feeling ThingsZog and ZebraHand PlayFrom Sheep to JumperA Day OutBert the Ugly BugBuzzy BeesYour Nose