National 5 Mathematics Lifeskills Student Book

Author: Craig Lowther, Judith Barron, Jenny Smith, Brenda Harden and Leckie and Leckie
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 01-09-2015
ISBN: 978-0-00-759861-8

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A fully digital version of the Leckie & Leckie Student Book:

• Easy to navigate• Students are issued with their own access to the content• Full-screen option for IWB display• All images are zoomable• Homework reading / exercises can be set and emailed out• Offers unlimited user access – home and school access for teachers and pupils

• Digital version of Leckie & Leckie’s National 5 Student Book• Quick and easy navigation of the Student Book’s content• Full-screen view for IWB use• Homework from the content of the book can be set and emailed out to students• Full coverage of National 5 course specifications with list of learning intentions• Attractive layout with clear text features• Key questions highlight crucial concepts and techniques that need to be grasped by students in order to progress to the next learning intention• What the examiner/assessor is looking for to help teachers & students feel secure• End of unit material – unit assessment, exam-style questions with worked answers and examiners commentary, self-assessment