Your Life - Student Book 1:Fourth edition

Author: John Foster and Simon Foster
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 18-08-2014
ISBN: 978-0-00-759269-2
Pages: 112

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Your Life provides the only whole school solution for combining Citizenship and PSHE at Key Stages 3 and 4. The third editions of this bestselling series contains extensive materials on Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability.

Building on the huge success of the second editions, each full-colour Student’s book has been completely updated to provide a range of age-appropriate stimulus material and engaging activities designed to develop student’s skills, knowledge and understanding in line with the revised Programme of Study and the National Framework for PSHE.

Your Life:

• offers a progressive, coherent programme for the Citizenship and PSHE throughout secondary school• reduces preparation time with well-researched, balancedcoverage of a huge range of topics• is ideal for use on a year by year or selective basis with a clear flexible structure and self-contained units• offers masses of support for teachers including photocopiable activities and assessment material

Contents of Your Life 1

1. You and your feelings - anxieties and worries2. You and your body - growing and changing3. You and your responsibilities - beliefs, customs and festivals4. You and your time - managing your time5. You and your values - right and wrong6. You and your family - getting on with others7. You and your body - smoking8. You and the law - children’s rights9. You and other people - bullying10. You and the media - the power of television11. You and your money - pocket money, budgeting and saving12. You and the world of work - developing a product13. You and your body - drugs and drugtaking14. You and the community - being a good neighbour15. You and your money - you as a consumer16. You and your opinions - how to express your ideas17. You and your body - eating and exercise18. You as a citizen - British government19. You and the world of work - attitudes to work20. You and the community - taking action: raising money for charity21. You and other people - people with disabilities22. You and global issues - resources, waste and recycling23. You and your achievements - reviewing your progress