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Little Manfred: Unabridged edition

Author: Michael Morpurgo, Read by Daniel Philpott
Format: CD-Audio
Publication Date: 09-06-2011
ISBN: 978-0-00-744036-8

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The heart-lifting, heartbreaking new story by Michael Morpurgo, the nation’s favourite storyteller.

In the Imperial War Museum is a wooden Dachshund, carved by a German prisoner of war for the children of the British family with which he stayed after the fighting ended. This is the story of how it got there…

When the Bismarck sinks, one of the only German survivors is taken on board a British ship as a prisoner of war. Sent to live with a host family, Walter must adapt to a new way of life, in the heart of an enemy country. Gradually, though, he finds a friend in ten-year-old Grace. So when the time finally comes to go back to Germany, it’s an emotional parting, with Walter leaving Grace with only a carved wooden dog to remember him by. The question is, will Walter and Grace ever meet again? In 1966, with the World Cup coming to Britain, that opportunity may just have come along…

  • “Nobody can balance old and new better, or more convincingly.” – The Independent
  • “[Morpurgo] really is a master at this sort of thing; not a word is wasted." – The Telegraph
  • “Morpurgo is a virtuoso at conjuring vibrant stories that draw on historical events." – The Observer Review
  • “This is a very touching, absorbing story vividly bringing events to life." – Primary Times
  • "A treat for all ages and abilities to enjoy." – Primary Times
  • “This book is perfect for anybody who wants to find out about the Second World War and how it affected real people.” – First News
  • "Foreman's water-colour illustrations are a perfect counterpoint to the text… This is a book which can be enjoyed by, and give something to, many age groups." – School Librarian