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Collins Field Guide

Author: David MacDonald and Priscilla Barrett
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 03-10-2005
ISBN: 978-0-00-219779-3
Pages: 320

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A definitive field guide to over 230 species of mammal found in Europe and the surrounding seas

Do you know the difference between a rabbit and a hare, a red deer and a roe deer, or a killer whale and a long-finned pilot whale? Do you know how to tell a red fox print from a dog's? Through a combination of detailed text and elaborate full-colour illustrations and line drawings, Field Guide Mammals will show you how to identify species as quickly and accurately as possible. Not only does it detail the field signs you are likely to find – from tracks to droppings, to midden and hollow tree trunks – it also contains all the biological and taxonomic information you need to positively identify each species.

Each entry includes:

• Detailed species descriptions and recognition tips

• Information on colour and form

• Habitat descriptions and information on where and when you're likely to spot the animal

• Species measurements to aid identification and comparison

• Maximum recorded lifespan and details of breeding and behaviour

There is also extensive information which is aimed at giving readers an insight into how the animals live, such as how crested porcupine adults keep their young warm by crushing them between the parents; how many baby seals actually moult while still inside the mother and why the red fox can cause such destruction.

With maps showing range and distribution plus 64 colour plates containing over 600 individual paintings, Field Guide Mammals is an indispensable guide for any naturalist wanting to learn about the fascinating world of mammals and study them in the wild.