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Explore careers with Tara and Dani Binns
Join sisters Tara and Dani Binns on their exciting, fast-paced adventures as they explore different careers. These books broaden horizons and promote the value of gender parity in the working world. Each book is supported by a lesson plan written by a literary expert, and case studies from real STEM professionals provided by the WISE Campaign.

Tara Binns, winner of the 3-star award in the STEM Category of the Teach Primary Awards

'The books are educational, inspirational, aspirational and reasonably priced. They can be linked to the science learning in each year group, to further deepen and enrich the science learning, but they can also be used at any time to support reading, so are versatile. The case studies are particularly useful as they are related to real life STEM workers from a diverse background. An enjoyable set of reading books for KS1 and KS2'

- Primary Science Teaching Trust