Collins AQA A-level Sociology

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The 4th edition of this course has been extensively revised by an expert author team, bringing tried and trusted content alongside new features to help students master the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in their study and prepare for final exams.

How our resources support you:
  • Teach with confidence, the Year 1 and AS Student Book is AQA-approved and the Year 2 Student Book is in the approval process .
  • Extensive practice questions provide plenty of opportunities for you and your students to assess progress and apply learning across the linear course.
  • Engage students with the latest research and contemporary topics, up-to-date case studies provide in-depth exploration of new and classic research studies.
Student Books
  • The complete content coverage that your students will need.
  • Help students build knowledge and understanding of essential theories and perspectives with up-to-date explanations and key concepts defined on the page, prompt questions integrated into the explanation encourage students to evaluate and reflect on what they’re learning.
  • Build critical analysis skills alongside knowledge with up-to-date case studies accompanied by questions focused on interpretation, analysis and evaluation.
  • In-depth explorations of new and classic research studies help students engage with the latest research, while questions and practical tasks that actively involve students in the research process focus on developing strong research skills.
  • Help students prepare for linear assessment with questions integrated into every chapter to check knowledge, test skills and consolidate learning.
About our expert authors:
  • Steve Chapman – a former chief examiner and highly experienced teacher.
  • Martin Holborn – co-author of the definitive textbook Sociology Themes and Perspectives.
  • Stephen Moore – Professor of Health Research, bringing an HE perspective to the writing team.
  • Tim Davies – an experienced teacher and Associate Lecturer in social sciences with the Open University since 1981.
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