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Engage and motivate your Level 3 Mathematical Studies students with authentic real-world examples that bring the subject to life.

Our new resources have been specially developed for the new post-16 AQA Level 3 Certificate Mathematical Studies (Core Maths) qualification. Develop the mathematical skills and understanding necessary for work and life with a unique approach that starts and ends in the real world. The Student Book has been approved by AQA.

Student Books
  • The Student Books provide everything students need in one place with clear explanations and examples before questions.
  • Support all abilities with differentiated questions and extended tasks in the Project work sections at the end of each chapter.
  • Cover the specification with confidence and in order of units - chapters 1-3 cover compulsory units and 4-13 cover the options.
  • Grab students’ interest with a real-world chapter opener that sets the maths in real-life contexts.
  • Real data and authentic contexts throughout and highlighted in maths in context sections.
  • Get students talking with Discussions that include open-ended questions.
  • Focus on literacy with key term definitions on the page.
  • Draw together learning from each chapter with a Case Study.
  • Assess learning with the Check your progress feature at the end of each chapter.
  • Prepare for exams with exam-style questions in chapter 14.
Teacher Guidence
  • Easy to use with specification references, assumed knowledge, objectives, key ideas covered and key terminology, resource list.
  • Save time with copies of graphs from the Student Book provided in black and white, ready to print off.
  • Support non-specialist teachers with common misconceptions highlighted and a brief commentary on questions and discussions.
  • Support Grade C students and Grade A students alike with extra notes as required.
  • Plenty of source material and practice with extra tasks and worksheets for each chapter on the CD-Rom.
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