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Your Choice

Are you ready to deliver statutory PSHE?

Your Choice addresses the challenges of being a teenager in the 21st century, and supports schools in implementing the 2019 curriculum for Health, Relationships and Sex Education.

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Your Choice is a full and flexible PSHE course for each year at Key Stage 3. The implementation of this resource is at the school's discretion, based on their assessment of their student's needs and the RSE policy agreed with parents.

The Student Books are not labelled Year 7, Year 8 or Year to give schools the flexibility to make their own choices about what content is most appropriate and relevant for their cohort at each stage. The Teacher Guide provides further support and guidance. This resource is also available as a complete digital download.

  • Personal wellbeing and mental health units focus on increasing self-awareness, building confidence and learning to manage emotions.
  • Relationships and sex education units make young people aware of their rights and responsibilities in relationships, to help them stay safe and treat others with respect.
  • Physical health and wellbeing units deal with the importance of exercise, sleep, nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Social education units look outwards to the local community and beyond, introducing Citizenship topics