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Your Choice addresses the challenges of being a teenager in the 21st century, and supports schools in implementing the 2019 curriculum for Health, Relationships and Sex Education.

Your Choice can provide a full PSHE course in each year of KS3. This is at the school’s discretion, based on their assessment of the needs of their students, the RSE policy they have agreed with parents, and the teachers and time available to teach the subject within the overall curriculum. The books are not labelled Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9, to give schools the flexibility to make their own choices about what content is most appropriate and most relevant for their cohort at each stage. The Teacher Guide provides further support and guidance.

  • Personal wellbeing and mental health units focus on increasing self-awareness, building confidence and learning to manage emotions.
  • Relationships and sex education units make young people aware of their rights and responsibilities in relationships, to help them stay safe and treat others with respect.
  • Physical health and wellbeing units deal with the importance of exercise, sleep, nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Social education units look outwards to the local community and beyond, introducing Citizenship topics


Student Books:
  • age-appropriate information and advice, presented in a friendly and supportive way
  • scenarios giving students a safe space to explore situations they may face
  • practical techniques for managing their time, money, emotions and health
  • a wealth of activities to help students explore ideas, develop their views and make informed decisions about their own lives.
Teacher Guide:
  • Gives non-specialists the confidence and tools to deliver PSHE effectively and saves preparation time with detailed lessons plans and worksheets for every double-page of the Your Choice Student Books 1 to 3.
  • Further sources of information and support are provided for each topic.
  • Printable PDFs and customisable Word files available to download