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STEP 1- If hosting a physical event, use the Display Copies Form to order FREE display books* (one of each book per school) for your event by emailing your form to booksale@harpercollins.co.uk

STEP 2 - Take orders from parents – you can use our parent form for this, or Parent Pay. If you want to raise funds for your school, add a small contribution on top of our school price. Parents still get a great deal!

STEP 3 - After your event, collate the orders on the School Form and send it to us. We will invoice you at school prices and send the books to your school.

Need help promoting your Book Sale to parents? Download extra resources including parent letters and email banners:

* NOTE: Display copies are usually dispatched within 5-7 working days of receiving your order. Please let us know if your event is within 2 weeks so that we can make sure your books are sent out to you in plenty of time. Display copies are free for you to keep. If for any reason your event is cancelled, we would be grateful if you could get in touch to arrange for your display stock to be returned to us.