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Giving visibility and representation to all our readers

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From authors and illustrators, to characters, topics, artwork and photography, Collins Big Cat is committed to reflecting a diverse readership. We try to ensure that our books are representative of all readers across genres, age groups and subjects, so children can relate to and empathise with the characters and recognise themselves in our books.

Collins Big Cat aims to give visibility and representation to everyone in society by including characters from a range of ethnic and social backgrounds, and by telling stories about people with differing abilities and that challenge gender stereotypes. This is important because it boosts self-esteem and engagement for children from all backgrounds, and promotes acceptance and kinship. By reading fiction and non-fiction that represents us all, children will develop a greater understanding of the world and of themselves.

How does Big Cat reflect a diverse readership?

There are many brilliant fiction and non-fiction books for children across a wide range of genres that aim to be truly inclusive through:

    • Actively seeking out and commissioning a wide pool of talented authors, illustrators and consultants who are from a range of different backgrounds
    • Working closely with our authors and illustrators to ensure that our books reflect and appeal to a diverse readership
    • A variety of characters, as well as the real-life inspirational people who feature in our books
    • Stories that are set around the world and illustrations and photographs that portray all readers

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We are continually learning and developing our approach, so email us and let us know how we're doing at education.marketing@harpercollins.co.uk