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Collins International Webinars

Bringing education expertise to you

We're proud to invite you to attend our free Collins Webinars, designed to bring the training to you along with fresh ideas for teaching and learning. Led by speakers with years of experience in their fields on a variety of topics and a range of subjects and levels, we’re certain there will be something here to interest you.


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Tuesday 10th November 2020

Introducing a Guided Reading Scheme into a second language learning environment

    • The main aim of guided reading is to encourage learners to use reading strategies whilst gaining confidence in reading for meaning independently. Have you ever wondered how implement a guided reading scheme into your school, but weren’t sure how to approach it? In this webinar, we will talk about why guided reading is so important and ways of introducing the scheme into a school setting.
    • Presenter: Christian Bishop
Tuesday 17th November 2020

L1 and L2: the key differences in how we learn English and why it is important to use appropriate materials with each type of learner

    • Many schools think that following an L1 English syllabus and using L1 English teaching materials is the best option for all learners of English whatever their background. Many parents, principals and teachers believe that ‘second language’ means ‘second class’ and that using ‘second language’ materials is in some way detrimental to students and will hold them back in their studies. In this webinar we’ll be looking at how L2 learners learn English in a different way to L1 learners and will consider what this means for our choice of teaching materials.
    • Presenter: Dr. Elaine Higgleton
Tuesday 24th November 2020

Learning science practical skills remotely at advanced level

    • We understand that 2020 has presented many challenges in teaching and learning science at upper secondary, as it is a very practical subject area and students are expected to acquire a certain skill level before moving on to further education.
    • In this interactive webinar please join Michael Smyth to discuss how to address practical science skills in a virtual environment, recognise where there are gaps in students’ learning and how to develop strategies to enhance those skills. We will also have a chance to share best practice, so do come along and share your experiences with us.
    • Presenter: Michael Smyth

Tuesday 1st December 2020

Introducing the new edition of Collins International Primary Maths

Collins Maths Editor Holly Woolnough will introduce a presentation by renowned Maths author and series editor of Collins International Primary Maths, Peter Clarke.

This webinar will:

      • showcase the key features of the new edition of the series
      • address how the changes in the Cambridge International Primary Maths curriculum framework have been introduced to the series
      • help develop an understanding of the models, principles and approaches to teaching and learning in the series
      • illustrate the mathematical proficiencies learners need to command in order to become mathematically literate and achieve mastery
      • showcase the key features of the new edition of the series

The presentation is followed by an engaging Q&A session, definitely worth a watch!

10am session

4pm session