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We're proud to invite you to attend our free Collins Webinars, designed to bring the training to you along with fresh ideas for teaching and learning. Led by speakers with years of experience in their fields on a variety of topics and a range of subjects and levels, we’re certain there will be something here to interest you.


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    The what, the why and the how of language teaching and learning
  • Date: 02/02/2022
  • English Language teachers are often daunted by the task of teaching bilingual and multilingual students aspects of language most useful to them. This webinar invites us to re-examine WHY we teach English in the 21st Century alongside WHAT we teach so that it is most directly transferable to the education and wider world of our students.

    English language learners need to have agency and purpose in their learning to be most successful. English also has the potential to be a vehicle for intercultural understanding and personal meaning making. The HOW of language learning therefore needs to be jointly negotiated between teacher and students. This webinar is based on the systemic functional approach to language learning (M.A.K. Halliday, 2004). This approach acknowledges that students are often learning language, learning through language and learning about language in a fluid, dynamic process that can enrich both teacher and student.

    Purpose of the Webinar:

  • To examine WHY we teach English in the 21st Century
  • To review WHAT we teach so it is directly transferable to the wider world of our students
  • To consider HOW we teach English so that it is student focused, purposeful and a vehicle for intercultural understanding.
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