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ELT Audio Resources

About English Language Teaching Audio

Download the audio files to go with your Collins ELT book.

Just look for your book and download the files on your computer – or any other device you’d like to use to listen to them. The files are provided in a compressed .zip folder, so you will need to extract the files before you can use them.

Thank you very much for deciding to study with Collins ELT – we hope you will enjoy using your book!

Collins English Readers

Collins Young Learners

Collins English for Exams


Skills for the TOEFL iBT® Test: Listening and Speaking
ISBN: 9780007460601

Vocabulary and Grammar for the TOEFL® Test
ISBN: 9780007499663

Skills for the TOEFL iBT® Test: Reading and Writing
ISBN: 9780007460595


Skills for the TOEIC® Test: Listening and Reading
ISBN: 9780007460571

Collins English for Work

Workplace English 1

ISBN: 9780007460557

Workplace English 2

ISBN: 9780007460557

COBUILD Key Words for Specific Purposes

COBUILD Key Words for Automotive Engineering

ISBN: 9780007489800

COBUILD Key Words for Electrical Engineering

ISBN: 9780007489794

COBUILD Key Words for Chemical Engineering

ISBN: 9780007489770

COBUILD Key Words for Mechanical Engineering

ISBN: 9780007489787

COBUILD Key Words for Accounting

ISBN: 9780007489824

COBUILD Key Words for Insurance

ISBN: 9780007489831

COBUILD Key Words for Finance

ISBN: 9780007489848

COBUILD Key Words for Oil & Gas Industry

ISBN: 9780007490295

COBUILD Key Words for Hospitality

ISBN: 9780007489817

COBUILD Key Words for Retail

ISBN: 9780007490288

Easy Learning English Conversation

How to download password protected files

Our English Conversation files are password protected, so please follow the instructions below!

  • Visit www.IZArc.org and download the application suited for your computer – this programme will give you the ability to open your password protected files
  • When IZArc has downloaded, click ‘Download' on the title of your choice.
  • Find the downloaded zip-file in your ‘Downloads’ folder.
  • Right click on the downloaded zipped folder, hover over the IZArc option, and click ‘Extract to…’.
  • Click ‘Extract’ at the bottom of the pop-up.
  • Enter the password. Password clues are found on this page next to each title in the series.
English Conversation 1
The password for this file is the last word of page 151 in the book.
English Conversation 2
The password for this file can be found on page 187 of the book - it is the last word in the useful words section.