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Early Years and Primary


Giving Early Years Pupils a Strong Foundation for Success: The Essential Ingredients | Arabella Koopman

The Ethos Behind Teaching Early Years in International Settings | Arabella Koopman

Reading and Phonics

Reading: What Works? (Part 1) | Charlotte Raby

How to Teach Children to Read Fluently Through Phonics (Part 2) | Charlotte Raby

Reading on from Phonics: How to Create Fluent and Independent Primary Readers | Sarah Paxton

Introducing a Guided Reading Scheme | Christian Bishop

The Importance of Reading Schemes in International Schools | Christian Bishop

I was a Reluctant Reader Too: The Story of a Collins Big Cat Author | Chris Callaghan

Using readers to engage young learners of English | Rebecca Adlard


L1 and L2: The Key Differences in How We Learn English | Elaine Higgleton

Inspiring Writing for Pleasure | Joanne Owen

Writing for Purpose to Enhance Writing for Pleasure | Joanne Owen

Bringing Vocabulary Teaching Alive at Primary Level | Rachel Clarke

The Importance of Dictionary Skills in Early Language Learning | Maree Airlee


Introducing Collins International Primary Maths | Peter Clarke

Thinking and Working Mathematically | Peter Clarke


Get your Teeth into Primary Science: Planning and Teaching Ideas for your Classroom | Jane Turner

Introducing Earth and Space in Primary Science | Sioban Parker

Thinking and Working Scientifically | Sioban Parker

Promoting Positive Role Models: Real STEM career stories with WISE (Data Scientist) | Hazel Atkins

Promoting Positive Role Models: Real STEM career stories with WISE (Chemical Engineer) | Alexandra Lawson

STEM by Stealth: Science Disguised as Adventure for Young Learners | Lisa Rajan

Bringing STEM to the Heart of the Primary Classroom | Lisa Rajan


Top Ten Tips for Teaching Primary Music | Sue Nicholls

Top Tips for a Dazzling Musical Performance | Kay Charlton


Primary Geography: A Toolkit for the Future | Stephen Scoffham


Teaching Good History | Alf Wilkinson



Building Students’ Speaking Skills to Develop Confident Communicators | Sioban Parker

Developing Learners' Vocabulary Beyond a Comfortable Core | Julie Moore

Teaching Vocabulary from the Cambridge Key and Preliminary Wordlists | Becky Adlard

The What, the Why and the How of Language Teaching and Learning | Shubha Koshy

Studying Shakespeare: An Active and Enjoyable Experience for All | Chris Green


How will the new Cambridge IGCSE Maths syllabus changes impact you? | Chris Pearce

Every Learner Can Do Maths at Lower Secondary with White Rose (Part 1) | Caroline Hamilton

Every Learner Can Do Maths at Lower Secondary with White Rose (Part 2) | Ian Davies


Challenging Misconceptions in Science | Heidi Foxford

Learning Science Practical Skills Remotely at Advanced Level | Michael Smyth

All Levels


The Importance of Formative and Summative Assessment | Sioban Parker

Global Perspectives

Embedding Global Perspective Skills for Primary and Lower Secondary | Elaine Higgleton

Growing Global Citizens using Local Context | Rebecca Adlard & Katharine Meunier

Skills for the Modern World with Cambridge Global Perspectives | Ana Carolina Gonzalez

Adaptive Learning

What is adaptive learning and how can it help your primary pupils excel? | Alex Marson and Jenni Hall

How Adapt from Collins Can Help Your Secondary School | Sarah Mitchell and Alex Marson

Adaptive Learning at Secondary: What is it and how can it improve your students’ learning outcomes? | Alex Marson


Keeping Student Positive and Stress-free During Exam Time | Becky Goddard-Hill

Simple Effective Ways to Enhance Student Wellbeing | Becky Goddard-Hill

Emotional Intelligence for the Classroom | Becky Goddard-Hill

Navigating Back-to-school in the Covid-19 Era | Becky Goddard-Hill

Confidence in the Classroom | Becky Goddard-Hill

Creating Global Citizens | Becky Goddard-Hill

Championing Wellbeing | Victoria Pugh and Becky Goddard-Hill

Caribbean Schools

Using the Collins Social Studies Atlas for Jamaica | Dr Parris Lyew-Ayee and Farah Christian

Introducing CSEC Maths | Raphael Johnson

Big Cat for the Caribbean: Turtle Beach Read-along | Barbara Arrindell

Teaching Skills

The Pathway to Becoming an Inspirational Teacher | Stephen Rowcliffe