Discover an inspiring series of finely graded readers for children aged 3-11 learning Arabic, specially developed for use in nurseries and schools.

  • Sixteen levels to engage all children in the classroom
  • A mix of fiction and non-fiction brought to life by beautiful illustrations
  • Each book includes an ‘ideas for reading’ section for teachers and parents to check children’s understanding
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About Collins Big Cat Arabic

  • Carefully structured to align with the learning progression of Arabic in schools and nurseries, the series is suitable for native speakers and learners of Arabic as a foreign language.
  • The 16 levels allow children to build their reading knowledge step by step and ensure that there is a book suitable for every child and every level.

Download information in Arabic for each level

تحميل المعلومات باللغة العربية لكل مستوى

Download the collins big cat ARABIC catalogue and order form

لتحميل كتالوج سلسلة كولنز للقراءة الموجّهة، واستمارة الشراء


لطلب نسخة للاطلاع أو للشراء

Find the most suitable books for your pupils, by exploring each level in more detail below.

You can download worksheets and a description in Arabic in the "free resources" tab when you click on a book.

للعثور على أكثر الكتب ملائمة لتلاميذكم، أو للتعرّف على أي من المستويات بالتفصيل، راجعوا أدناه.

حين تنقرون على كتاب معيّن، وتختارون رمز
"free resources" (الموارد المجانية)، سيمكنكم
تحميل صفحات الأنشطة الإضافيّة الخاصّة
بهذا الكتاب، مع وصف له باللغة العربيّة.