Lizzie Waterworth's top tips!

Lizzie Waterworth's top tips!


Rather than focusing on how YOU’RE feeling and YOUR nerves, try to switch your brain towards thinking solely about your audience.  

How can I help THEM? What do I want THEM to take away from what I’m saying. This will take the pressure off and focus you on your goals, whether that is to inform, educate, or entertain!  

And equally important – remember to smile! This will help you and your class to relax. Try also to look them in the eye to help build a connection, and always speak a little louder and slower than you think is needed.   

And finally, if you get lost with your words or start to ramble, take a quick PAUSE to regroup, reset, take a sip of water and then start speaking again!  


Lizzie has drawn on her years of experience as a voice artist to offer top tips and advice for reading aloud and effective communication in an open, fun and accessible way. 

Lizzie is a BAFTA Nominated Voice Artist, author and an international speaker, with a passion for helping children and adults to unlock their potential. She is also the amazing voice of our David Walliams titles! With almost twenty years’ experience, she offers tools and tips to help others gain confidence in speaking and communicating more confidently in front of others. Her recently published book, How to Talk So People Will Listen, offers practical advice to help children find their voice and boost confidence when speaking in front of other people. 

When she’s not in a recording studio, Lizzie runs workshops at schools and workplaces in England, Europe, and the United States. She has helped so many people overcome their nerves about speaking in public, using unique, fun, and engaging techniques to inspire confident, effective and powerful speakers.