Photography projects to try at home

Photography projects to try at home


Do you have a young snapper who likes to take photographs? Check out these fun photography activities that can be done on their own or together as a family. All activities can be completed with a camera or phone.

My View

Photos take by: Josie (left) and Becca (right)

Get your child to choose their favourite window in your home. Help them to photograph the window from the inside looking out, three times a day: Morning, Noon & Night. Encourage them to photograph the whole window in each image, as the window acts as a frame for the outside view.

Get them to try taking three photos each day for a week and see how their photographs change each day.  See if they can answer the following questions:

  • What is the biggest change in each photograph?
  • Where is the light coming from at each point of the day?
  • When are there more people or animals around?

Throughout the week, they will be able to capture different types of weather, light and maybe even a bird! You can then help them to make a book of their window photographs, and title it “My View.” Make sure they sign the book, as it’s their great work!


Daily Walk

Photos taken by: Lola (top left), Thomas (top right),Jamie (bottom left), Alique (bottom right)

Before you go out on a walk, write a list together of at least 5 colours to try and photograph when you’re out and about. Make sure your phone or camera is charged up beforehand.  On the walk, take the list of colours and your phone or camera and try to take a photograph of every colour on the list.

For example, look for:

  •  blue sky
  • red shoe
  • green leaf
  • white dog
  • brown tree bark

You’ll finish the walk with a colourful portfolio of photographs, showing off your daily adventure together in a creative way.


My Family 

Photo taken by: Hatty using self timer

As we are now spending more time at home, this is the perfect time to capture a photograph of the family together. 

Get your family together in a bright place in your home or garden, where you can sit together. Put the kids in charge of setting up the shot using a phone or camera in a place that will include everyone’s faces – you may need a few test shots first! Get them to start the countdown using the self-timer function on a phone or camera and make sure they run back and position themselves in time to get into your family portrait.

After you’ve taken a couple of smiley photographs, try some silly faces too! The more creative you can get the better, and this family portrait is a great reminder of your time together during lockdown. 

We’d love to see your photos feel free to share with us on social media tagging @collins4parents and @sharpshotsphoto.

Happy Snapping!


Lillian is a award-winning photographer, founder of Sharp Shot's Photo Club, a photography course company for kids & teens and the author of You Can Take Amazing Photos from Collins.