Inspiring little stocking fillers

Inspiring little stocking fillers


It is easy to spend good money on random bits and bobs to fill a child’s Christmas stocking and end up with ‘stuff’ that never really gets played with or used. However, pop a beautiful book in a stocking and you have a present that will last, be appreciated, and can be passed on. A Collins book makes a wonderful eco gift and one that can enchant, educate, and entertain.

365 days of Calm, Kind and Happy are the perfect size to fit in a stocking and make lovely gifts. Each of these pocket-sized hardbacks comes with a gorgeous ribbon place holder and a rainbow of coloured pages. They are the most beautiful quality and books to treasure forever.

Each of the books contains 365 entries which include an activity, affirmation, or an inspiring quote. Your child will have something encouraging to read or do every single day of the year. A daily dose of light-hearted and fun guidance and support is a great way to nurture their positive wellbeing

So, if you want your child to be kinder to themselves, if you want them to learn how to feel calm and in control and if you want them to be able to boost their own happiness then do pop one of the gorgeous 365 days books in their stocking this Christmas time.

How to use 365 days... 

Mornings are a great time for kids to dip into these books in order to begin their day with intention and inspiration. They might want to share the quotes with their family at breakfast and practice their affirmations in the mirror as they brush their teeth.  Alternately after school might be calmer for them and they might want to read the daily entry privately.

However they use them, the hope is through 365 days of Calm, Kind and Happy they discover ways to be calmer, kinder and happier and to feel more confident and positive.

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