365 Days of Happy, Calm and Kind

365 Days of Happy, Calm and Kind


365 Days of Happy, Calm and Kindness have just been released.  They are a trio of pocket sized, hardback books that are colourful, fun, and packed with insight and motivation, for kids aged 6-12. Each book has a quote, affirmation, or activity for every single day of the year designed specifically to give kids emotional wellbeing a daily boost.


We need to help our kids develop positive mental health

The recent survey Mental Health of Children and Young People in England shows that the number of children and young people with a mental health condition has risen dramatically over recent years

Between 2017 and 2021, the proportion of 6 to 16-year-olds with a probable mental health condition increased from one in nine to one in six

A daily dose of inspiration

Social and emotional learning, to be at its most effective, needs to occur daily. We mustn’t wait for a crisis to occur before we reach in and explicitly teach kids about how to be calm, manage their fears, boost their own happiness and be kind to themselves. The problem is that when kids are upset or unhappy, they are not so clear thinking or open to taking on board suggestions. Kids need to be given emotional wellbeing tools before they need them, so they have confidence to manage themselves and their emotions.

How the books work 

Each week has a different theme and begins with an activity related to the theme followed by quotes and affirmations to support it.

  • Activities work well because children learn best when they put an idea into action and try it out
  • Quotes are speedy ways to inspire kids and words can be super powerful
  • Affirmations are proven to strengthen a sense of positivity and wellbeing and are a great way to encourage kids to develop a growth mindset.


Here is an example of a week s worth of activities quotes and affirmations from 365 Days of Happy – the theme of the week being ‘simplicity’

How to use 365 days... 

Mornings are a great time for kids to dip into these books in order to begin their day with intention and inspiration. They might want to share the quotes with their family at breakfast and practice their affirmations in the mirror as they brush their teeth.  Alternately after school might be calmer for them and they might want to read the daily entry privately.

However they use them, the hope is through 365 days of Calm, Kind and Happy they discover ways to be calmer, kinder and happier and to feel more confident and positive.

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