10 ways to make walking less boring for kids this Autumn

10 ways to make walking less boring for kids this Autumn


This article was written by Becky Goddard-Hill and Catherine Hughes, authors of A Year of Nature Walks and Games.

So many kids find walking boring, but there really is no reason why they should.

Getting out in nature is free, fun and is proven to boost our mental and physical health too, making it an ideal activity to keep kids happy and entertained!

So, here are our top 10 tips on how to make walking less boring for your kids this Autumn:

1) Let them pick a route. Kids love to be in charge for a change and this helps them feel invested in the expedition.

2) Create and collect as you go. Have each person on the walk pick up a stick and thread it with fallen leaves as they go. These look fantastic popped in a jar when you get home!

Autumn leaves

3) Take regular rest stops with plenty of water (and snacks) 

 4) Catch the sunrise or sunset. Try walking very early in the morning as the sun rises or at sunset. Your child will be awed by how beautiful nature looks!

 5) Be kind to nature. Take a litter picker and a bin bag with you and pick up any litter you see as you walk. Being kind to the environment will make your child feel proud.

 6) Make a kite out of sticks and paper with a leaf tail and fly it as you go. Take a look at the activity in our book A Year of Nature Walks and Games on page 96 for further instructions!

7) Play ‘capture the colour’ and compete to see who can spot the most of one particular colour.

Rainbow of Autumn leaves

8) Play the A-Z game. Pick a letter and name as many things as you can from the natural world starting with that letter. Take it in turns until the ideas run out!

 9) Geocache. Download the app and simply follow the instructions.

 10) Create something joyful for others to appreciate. Try making a rainbow out of fallen leaves and leave by the path for passers-by.

Your kids will be begging you to go on a nature walk with them when you turn it into an exciting adventure!

Book cover of A Year of Nature Walks and Games


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Becky Goddard-Hill is an award-winning blogger at Emotionally Healthy Kids and a child wellbeing author of books including Create Your Own Happy, Be Confident Be You and 365 Days of Calm.

Catherine Hughes is a gardening expert and blogger at Growing Family. She is passionate about encouraging children to explore and enjoy nature, and writes regularly on crafts, children’s gardening and nature activities.