Book Review: Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Book Review: Astronomy Photographer of the Year


One of the highlights of the year for astrophotographers is seeing the shortlisted entries for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition being published online.  However, there is still something very special about seeing a physical, printed photo rather than just viewing a digital copy on a laptop, tablet or smartphone screen and the Astronomy Photographer of the Year book that is published alongside the competition allows us to do that.

This year, as with previous years, there were eight subject categories covering a huge range of astronomical, meteorological and atmospheric phenomena, as well as a section for young photographers, and special prize awards.

The book is broken down into each subject category and features the shortlisted photographs as well as the overall winner for each group. The book is large (measuring 27cm / 10.5” square) and the printing is excellent quality. The large page size really allows you to spend some time with each image and take in all of the details.  With each photograph there is a description provided by the photographer as well as some of the judges’ comments.

It’s always amazing to see how photographers push the boundaries each year in this competition and the quality of the work in this book is phenomenal.  Astronomers love to be inspired by the images and everybody, including those with only a passing interest in the night sky, will be wowed by them.  This is a must-have “coffee table book” that you will keep wanting to look through again and again.

Mary McIntyre FRAS


From the number one Astronomy publisher, this book showcases the most spectacular space photography, taken from locations across the globe. Marvel at the wonders of the universe captured by the most talented astrophotographers.

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