Book Review – 2022 Guide to the Night Sky

Book Review – 2022 Guide to the Night Sky


If you are looking for an easy to follow month by month guide to the night sky from Britain and Ireland, then look no further because the Collins 2022 Guide to the Night Sky has everything you need.

The first part of the book is a basic introduction to the night sky and has definitions of the terms used later in the month by month guide. This is a fantastic introduction for beginners who may not be familiar with some of the commonly used terminology, but even experienced sky watchers may learn something from this section.

The next section takes a look at constellations visible at different times of the year and how you can find your way around the night sky using the brighter stars as pointers. Then follows an explanation of lunar phases and a really clear map of the Moon which has the larger features labelled on it. Alongside this lunar map there is a list of the labelled features and a number referring to what age within the current cycle they are best viewed at. Beginners may find these numbers a little confusing, but when used in conjunction with the lunar phases for each month, they will make a little more sense. After the Moon section there is a summary of the visibility of eclipses, planets, minor planets and comets during 2022. 

The remainder of the book is the month by month sky guide, which includes full colour sky charts looking both north and south, a calendar of events taking place each month, meteor shower outlook, the position of the Moon and planets and the daily lunar phase. This format is clear and easy for readers to follow. At the end of the book there is a helpful map showing dark sky areas within the UK, followed by a glossary and a list of resources people may find useful. 

This book is absolutely packed with information but it is for the most part presented in an easy to follow format that will appeal to beginners and experienced stargazers alike. It is excellent value for money and it would also make an excellent Christmas gift for anybody who has an interest in the night sky.

Mary McIntyre FRAS


From the Number One Astronomy publisher, the bestselling stargazing handbook to the planets, stars and constellations visible from the northern hemisphere. 6 pages for each month covering January–December 2022.

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