Collins GCSE Science Festival

Collins brings you the first virtual GCSE Science Festival, a week of expert insight and advice on the new GCSE Science curriculum.

Day 1 – 11th April 2016

Freedom to Teach blog - GCSE Science 2016 Developing Maths Skills. Ed Walsh shows how developing maths skills will impact on GCSE Science teaching: the challenges and opportunities. Visit the blog

Day 2 – 12th April 2016

Freedom to Teach blog - GCSE Science 2016: Getting Started with Required Practicals. Ed Walsh discusses the implications of GCSE science required practicals, and the best ways of getting started. Visit the blog

Day 3 – 13th April 2016

Ed Walsh, takes over @FreedomtoTeach from 8pm. Join our Twitter chat by using #sciefest16. Ed will be covering the following questions:

1- Have you started teaching the new GCSE Science curriculum already? What are the main challenges you’ve encountered?

2- Any stunning starters or fantastic finishers for lessons for new topics in GCSE Science you’d like to share?

3- How are you tracking students’ progress?

4- What are you looking forward to teaching in the new science curriculum? What do you think will make a positive difference?

Day 4 – 14th April 2016

Visit Collins' YouTube channel for exclusive videos.

Day 5 – 15th April 2016

If you've missed any of the Festival, simply visit the Freedom to Teach blog for a round up of the week's highlights.