Letts 11+ Success - Non-Verbal Reasoning

Author: Neil R Williams, Val Mitchell and Sally Moon
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 26-05-2011
ISBN: 978-1-84419-548-0
Pages: 96

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Level: 11+Subject: Non-Verbal Reasoning

This guide to 11+ success will help you to assess your current non-verbal reasoning skills, and target those that you need to practise and build, so that you can sit your 11+ selection tests with confidence.

The perfect revision for the 11+ selection tests, this Non-Verbal Reasoning revision book covers all of the skills and key question types that could appear on the commonly used 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning selection test papers. The questions accurately reflect the level of difficulty of the actual tests and cover the multiple-choice and standard test paper.

Included in this book:

• Help to build essential problem solving skills• Clearly explained answers so that you can see where you’ve gone wrong• Two tests (Placement Test and Progress Test)• Guidance on interview techniques• A section on writing skills to help prepare for any writing tests individual schools might set