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CfE Maths for Scotland - CfE Maths for Scotland – Maths Problem-Solving Skills Pupil Book: Curriculum for Excellence Maths for Scotland

Author: Trevor Senior, Keith Gordon, Chris Pearce and Leckie
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 16-02-2012
ISBN: 978-1-84372-915-0
Pages: 158

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Exam Board: SQA
Subject: Maths
First Teaching: 2015, First Exam: 2016

This CfE Maths Problem-Solving Skills Pupil Book features differentiated maths investigations to help pupils transfer their maths skills to real-life contexts. Each activity is based on a real-life application of maths, with the corresponding CfE Outcomes and Experiences.

• clearly presented, differentiated maths investigations
• engaging activities based on real-life applications of maths
• suitable for use across S1-S3 as cross-curricular project topics
• each activity is graded by level of difficulty
• relevant CfE Outcomes and Experiences are clearly identified
• highlights opportunities for cross-curricular activities.