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Songbooks - Songbooks – Sonsense Nongs: Singalong DVD-Rom: Site licence

Author: Michael Rosen, Illustrated by Shoo Rayner
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 02-11-2009
ISBN: 978-1-4081-1905-1

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This DVD-ROM provides favourite songs from Sonsense Nongs in special new
'karaoke' format for whiteboards, ideal for classroom or assembly

A brand new DVD-ROM for use on whiteboards in assemblies or classrooms. The Sonsense Nongs Singalong DVD-ROM allows you to teach songs and lyrics from the corresponding A&C Black songbook without the need for OHPs or photocopying.

The DVD-ROM provides lyrics, performance and backing tracks for favourite songs from this popular collection of Michael Rosen's favourite daft ditties and crazy croons - ideal for improving literacy as well as singing skills.

Also includes new vocal performance tracks so that the songs can be taught easily, as well as exclusively composed backing tracks. No music reading necessary.

  • The DVD-ROM features lyrics, and performance and backing tracks making it ideal for use on an interactive whiteboard in the classroomor an assembly.'