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Songbooks - Songbooks – Someone's Singing, Lord: Singalong DVD-Rom: Single-user licence

Author: Beatrice Harrop
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 15-10-2009
ISBN: 978-1-4081-1456-8

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This DVD-ROM provides favourite songs from Someone's Singing, Lord in special new 'karaoke' format for whiteboards, ideal for classroom or assembly singing.

A brand new DVD-ROM for use on interactive whiteboards in assemblies or classrooms. The Someone's Singing, Lord Singalong DVD-ROM allows you to teach songs and lyrics from the corresponding A&C Black songbook without the need for OHPs or photocopying.

The DVD-ROM provides lyrics, performance and backing tracks for favourite songs from this well-loved collection of hymns for singing schools, which cover topics such as the world, the seasons, being a friend and caring for animals.

Also includes new vocal performance tracks so that the songs can be taught easily, as well as exclusively composed backing tracks. No music reading necessary.