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Collins Musicals - Collins Musicals – Three Little Celebrations

Author: Kaye Umansky and Veronica Clark
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 09-11-2009
ISBN: 978-1-4081-1435-3
Pages: 64

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Three brand-new mini-musicals for Spring, Summer and Autumn - perfect
for year-round impromptu performances in early years settings.

Three marvellous mini-musicals, ideal for informal performances in early years settings. Each musical is themed around a celebration for a different season and is supported by carefully planned activity notes, which provide ideas for preparing the performance and show how the musicals can be linked to the EYFS guidelines.

This complete pack includes simple practice, costume and artwork suggestions, and a free performance licence.


- Preparatory activities for the lead-up to each performance

- Scripts and songs

- Melody lines and guitar chords for music readers
CDs (two)

- Complete performances of each mini-musical

- Backing tracks to support your own performances