Year 5 Writing Mechanics

Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 18-06-2018
ISBN: 978-0-00-829526-4
Pages: 64

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Teach children how to use grammatical structures effectively and accurately in their writing. Using carefully selected ‘authentic’ text types that feature specific grammatical features consistently, these resources will help pupils to explore and recognise where and when grammar is used to effectively communicate a text with its intended audience.

Each unit focuses on a grammatical feature and begins with a high-quality example text. Through reading the text with pupils, the purpose (e.g. whether it is written to explain, instruct, argue etc.) and its audience (e.g. parents, children, people interested in a specific topic etc.) can be established.

The unit then focusses on identifying one or more of the grammatical features that support the purpose and audience of the text. Using creative activities, each unit then provides opportunities to build confidence with the grammatical features.

Finally, through modelled and demonstration writing, the resource offers scaffolded writing opportunities for pupils to write their own texts using the grammatical feature.

Texts included:

A Northern Childhood – The Balaclava Story by George LaytonThe Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition by Anne FrankMacbeth from Mr William Shakespeare’s Plays presented by Marcia WilliamsMountain Lion Fact File / Hurricanes by Shelley WelshSuffix Poem by Shelley Welsh & Teacher Recipe by Michael PlewsAfter by Morris GleitzmannHansel & Gretel retold by Shelley WelshIron Man by Ted HughesVisit the Tower of London / Summer Holiday Activities by Shelley WelshYear Five’s Foody Fun Day! by Shelley Welsh