Collins Cambridge Lower Secondary Maths - Lower Secondary Maths Teacher’s Guide: Stage 7

Author: Michele Conway, Alastair Duncombe, Caroline Fawcus, Deborah McCarthy and Sarah Sharratt, Series edited by Michele Conway and Sarah Sharratt
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01-11-2018
ISBN: 978-0-00-821351-0
Pages: 256

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This brand new, three-level series, provides coverage of the Cambridge Secondary 1 maths curriculum framework. Written by an experienced author team, the series comprises a comprehensive Student Book, extensive Workbook and supportive Teacher Guide.

Development of the series is strongly guided by the latest expert research in mathematics education, show-casing best practice teaching methods such as: giving a clear model of learning; carefully sequenced conceptual understanding; flexibility in the use of the resources; the incorporation of reflection opportunities.
The comprehensive Teacher’s Guide is a highly flexible resource which provides teachers with teaching and learning support to deliver the curriculum.
Features include:
– ‘Starter’: ideas for introducing the topic
– ‘Tip’: helpful and practical hints for the teacher
– ‘Beware’: warning of a potential pitfall, or potential misunderstanding or confusion for learners
– ‘Fix’ and ‘Stretch’: activities which will particularly help struggling students, or stretch the more able ones
– ‘Problem solving’: ideas for developing this core, underpinning aspect of the curriculum
– Alternative approaches and activities (including tasks and games)
– Support to help teachers pace lessons for individual abilities
– Ideas to make practical use of technology for mathematics learning, such as using the computer to create spreadsheets, tables and charts to represent results
– End-of-chapter tests, to check progress

Provides support as part of a set of resources for the Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics curriculum framework from 2011

This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education.